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School Council & Pupil Leaders


Here at Kidbrooke Park Primary we have established an active School Council. We have two representatives from Years 2 - 6, who are actively involved in many areas of school life. In addition to this, they lead many fund-raising activities for a variety of charities.

Current members are:
  • 2SP - 
  • 2SS - 
  • 3OL - 
  • 3PL - 
  • 4BR - 
  • 4SR - 
  • 5NC - 
  • 5MO - 
  • 6MT - 
  • 6AH -

They are the voice of all pupils at Kidbrooke Park Primary and take their role extremely seriously. We elect new members via a secret ballot during the Autumn Term.

Our Year 6 representatives are also part of our Compass Council who meet throughout the year in various locations.

Junior travel ambassadors

We are working towards securing our Gold STARS award for sustainable travel. Many of our families walk, cycle or scoot to school to support us with this vision.

Current Pupil Leaders are:
  • Head Pupils - Jaide and Treasure
  • Deputy Head Pupils - Daeyana and Roman
Current Pupil Ambassadors are:
  • Said
  • Adriana
  • Eva
  • Hannah 
  • Ire